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Dr Johnathan Cooper-Knock

Clinical Research Fellow

MNDA/MRC Lady Edith Wolfson Fellowship

Research Interests

My research is focused around genetic variants of motor neuron disease (MND, also called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS).  In particular I focus on the most common genetic variant associated with abnormal expansion of the gene C9ORF72.  In doing this I am pursuing a number of lines of enquiry:

  • Gene expression profiling using microarray and next generation sequencing technology. 
  • Development and application of a Southern hybridisation based technique to measure the length of the C9ORF72 expansion and explore links with clinical and molecular phenotypes.
  • Characterisation of clinical and neuropathological features of C9ORF72-MND patients.  I am attempting to identify modifiers of the disease phenotype which can be developed into therapeutic targets. 

Current Projects

I currently hold a Lady Edith Wolfson Clinical Research Training Fellowship jointly funded by the MNDA and the MRC.  The aim of this project is to characterise the function of C9ORF72 in health and disease. 

Expansions of C9ORF72 represent the most common genetic variant of motor neuron disease/ amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (MND/ALS); indeed approximately one in every ten patients carries this mutation.  This offers an opportunity the like of which has never been seen in MND/ALS research: for the first time it is possible to study a group of patients where the underlying cause of disease is known and matched; previously it is has been impossible to know whether a hypothesis was incorrect or only applicable to a limited number of patients.

I am attempting to characterise C9ORF72-MND at various levels: At the macro level including clinical and pathologically features; and at the molecular level including sizing of the C9ORF72 expansion and measurement of the effect of the expansion on the expression and splicing of the whole genome.


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* Surname altered from Cooper to Cooper-Knock following marriage in December 2008.

+ Equal contribution to authorship

Professional Activities

Peer review of grant applications for funding bodies including ALS Society of Canada and the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Peer review of submitted articles for journals including the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry and the European Journal of Neurology.


I studied medicine at the University of Oxford where I obtained a 1st Class Honours degree in Physiological Sciences and my degree in Clinical Medicine; I graduated in 2006.  During my degree I completed a research project under the supervision of Professor Kevin Talbot investigating clinical subtypes of MND.

In 2008 I was awarded a NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in Sheffield under the supervision of Professor Pamela Shaw.  While continuing my clinical training and completing my MRCP I started my research training in the lab which I continued in 2010 as a Peake Start-Up Fellowship.  This allowed me to obtain the pilot data for an application to the MNDA/MRC in 2012 when I was awarded a Lady Edith Wolfson Clinical Research Training Fellowship to allow me to complete my PhD; I am due to complete my studies in 2015. 


2012 European Network for Cure of ALS (ENCALS) Research Presentation Prize

2012 North of England Neurological Association (NENA) Liversedge Prize for Best Research Presentation

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